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Rapska fjera

By restoring the Rab Knights’ Tournament that has brought back the sounds of fanfare and the medieval costumography to Rab, the unique Rab Festival that evokes the past has also been brought back to life.

With each detail, the Rab Festival evokes the town’s several-hundred-year-old history. The old town center gets filled with various personae from the past, from noblemen and aristocrats, numerous craftsmen presenting their art on the streets of Rab, soldiers, citizens, peasants, to prisoners and lepers.

The town center, whose appearance itself fills one with the spirit of some other time, enriched with lavish scenography truly takes one back in time. Numerous hard-working craftsmen, settled in each street corner, yard and atrium, create various objects using exclusively old materials, old-fashioned tools and their skilled hands.

Many of these picturesque costumed characters that attract the visitors are the citizens of San Marino, Rab’s twin town. This partnership surpassed its formal boundaries a long time ago and has resulted in numerous friendships between the citizens of Rab and San Marino. In efforts to evoke the past, they participate in Rapska fjera and the Knights’ Tournament with all their hearts.


Knights’ Tournament

The knights’ crossbow tournament was established in 1364 in honor of St Christopher, the patron saint of Rab, and to the memory and honor of the day the town was defended with crossbows.
The tournament was restored in 1995, and is now, as it was in the past, accompanied by medieval festivities.

The messenger’s announcement, the arrival of the Prince, a parade along the town streets and the blessing of the participants are only some of the events preceding the tournament.

The tournament is in fact a competition in precision target shooting between 12 crossbow shooters. The most precise crossbow shooter with a 25 kg heavy crossbow gets the Felix award.

As before, the tournament is held on two holidays, May 9 (Dies Victoriae) and July 27 (Dies Natalis), and for the past couple of years also on July 25 and August 15.

Entertainment and Nightlife

From quiet and secluded corners suitable for meditation and conversation, romantic corners where couples can experience unforgettable moments together, to crowded bars with loud music and lots of fun. Each visitor to Rab will surely find not one but many outing spots to their liking.

Rab taverns and fish restaurants, offering mainly authentic specialties, are also not to be missed. Not only in the town but also across the entire island, there will always be a place where you will be able to enjoy the island’s cuisine. Do not forget that, in addition to tourism, the locals mainly engage in fishing and agriculture. Hence, all the ingredients, which come to your table in the form of various culinary specialties, are produced traditionally in a completely eco-friendly environment.