EU projects

1. ‘Renovation of the Arbiana tourist property’

About the project

The ‘Renovation of the Arbiana tourist property’ project is being carried out as part of the ‘Supporting the development of SMEs in tourism by improving hotel quality and the additional offer’ tender within the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Programme

Project in numbers

Project implementation period: 26 June 2017 – 26 January 2019
Total project value: 19,686,882.16 HRK
Acceptable project cost: 15,223,443.73 HRK
Total non-refundable funds: 6,910,064.22 HRK
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Project aim

The aim of the project is to increase the number of accommodation units and to improve the quality of accommodation, as well as to enrich the existing offer of the tourist property with additional services and facilities, which will in turn enable a more fulfilling and unforgettable experience on the island of Rab.
Improving the quality and differentiation of the tourist offer will contribute to the extension of the tourist season, and greater occupancy and longer stays in hotels. This will significantly increase the competitiveness of SMEs in tourism and the island of Rab as a tourist destination.
This project comprises the renovation of existing premises, and the provision of new amenities inside and outside the hotel in order to achieve a higher quality of service in line with the planned hotel category. The implementation of the project, which includes the renovation of the Arbiana tourist property, the extension of the offer through additional amenities, and also the training of hotel staff, will increase the competitiveness of the property. In combination with the hotel’s advantageous location, this will result in the increased competitiveness not only of the property itself but also of the destination as a whole. The innovativeness of the additional offer – the construction and fitting out of an outdoor pool, the renovation and fitting out of the wine bar, the purchasing of recreational equipment that has no negative impact on the environment but emphasises the importance of renewable energy sources and at the same time represents an innovation on the market – ensures the high-quality tourist offer of the property and represents an additional reason for visiting the town of Rab.

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2. ‘Creation of a new website for the Arbiana Hotel’


ARBIANA d.o.o.

Project title

‘Creation of a new website for the Arbiana Hotel’

Short description

The goal of this project is to increase competitiveness and achieve greater market recognition and long-term growth and development by creating a new website. By creating the website, the company will catch the attention of website visitors and introduce an online solution for the presentation of its products and services, which will also positively influence business profitability. The website will increase the company’s competitiveness and market recognition and will offer our customers a clear and more detailed insight into our business.

Goals and expected project results

The project is aimed at increasing the company’s revenue through increased recognition. By creating the new website, the company can present its services and sell them online, which will make them more accessible to the general public, the end result being an increase in the company’s competitiveness.

Total project value (HRK): 133,800.00 HRK
Amount co-financed by the EU: 94,170.40 HRK
Project implementation period: 11 October 2018 – 11 October 2019
Contact person: Nikola Baran,     

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